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Onyx Backlit Lighting: We supply backlit lighting for Onyx, Acrylic, Strech ceiling, Korean, etc.. And we work as per site requirements every project is different in a number of parameters like size, color, number of panels, matching requirements, etc. Due to that fact we place orders with our suppliers only after the selection process has been completed and client has committed to the relevant purchase.The material we supply is 100% solution for Onyx stones.It is easy to install.

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Onyx All of our backlit lighting projects are tested and designed so that the surface material is illuminated properly without showing any LED nodes, cold or hot spots. We are frequently asked to supply surface panels while others will do the lighting. We caution that this can be a risky endeavor since third parties like electrical engineers or electricians likely are not familiar with our surface materials. If spacing, light intensity, color temperature, etc. are not correct (and tested) the result may look completely different from the desired look.

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Linear Lighting is well suited to multiple applications, whether residential or commercial, such as under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, shelves and work stations. The bars are easy to install and assemble, Adding under cabinet LED linear lights will add value to kitchens and any room where extra light is needed.

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False Ceiling Recessed Linear Profile, LED Downlight: Available in custom length as per the desired requirements, our LED Profile Lights is the best in the business. They are designed to provide the right amount of brightness that complements the decor and design of the interiors. Generally installed in the corners, cabinets, cupboards, display sections, designer concepts, coves, etc, our LED Profile Lights are available in warm white, neutral white and cool white shades. We manufacture Linear profile in hyderabad as per client requirement.

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Linear Profile: Suspended is a clean cut continuous linear profile with outstanding performance and efficiency.Designed with simplicity and attention to detail in mind, this profile is intelligent solution for compact yet powerful and energy-efficient lighting. The suspended linear lighting system enhances a contemporary feel of any architectural space, creating clean lines of light with its LED light source.

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Led Track Light: Track light is our most popular product for art galleries and showrooms.Low power consumption makes this an eco-friendly and energy efficient solution, and its available in black and white colour options.Its very easy to install and use. Watts Available as per interior/clients requirement.

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Trim less Downingtown: We design and manufacture architectural lighting and collaborate with interior designers and architects to integrate light in totheir projects.We working with small and large scale residential, offices, public buildings, retail and hospitality etc...

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LED LIGHT BAR MANUFACTURERS (LED LIGHTS from Hyderabad) Indirect lighting provides a pleasant ambience and allows you to frame the room with lights.Creating long and shadow free indirect lighting strings gives rise to an extra sense of spaciousness.

LED LIGHT MANUFACTURERS IN HYDERABAD Indirect lighting is becoming increasing popular, both in residential and commercial projects.With indirect lighting, the source of light is hidden and the light spreads through the room via reflection on the ceiling, wall and floor, as such eliminating dazzle and shadows.For a proper and balanced use , it is essential that indirect lighting(led light bar)(aluminium profile/strip/cove) is planned into the project right from the start.

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LED spot light Wall washer ... COB LED technology, with innovative adjustable optics that focus light on desired areas.Its great colour and light quality adds value to your product by enhancing their looks and appeal.