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LED LIGHT MANUFACTURERS IN HYDERABAD Indirect lighting is becoming increasing popular, both in residential and commercial projects.With indirect lighting, the source of light is hidden and the light spreads through the room via reflection on the ceiling, wall and floor, as such eliminating dazzle and shadows.For a proper and balanced use , it is essential that indirect lighting(led light bar)(aluminium profile/strip/cove) is planned into the project right from the start.
Our fabric material is a 0.2mm thick PVC based fully recyclable Stretch Membrane. The material comes in a vast array of Colours and Finishes including Matt, Satin, Lacquer (mirror like), Metallic, Perforated, and Translucent for lighting diffusers, backlighting & projection. The material can be printed or painted for additional effects, is entirely waterproof, washable and impermeable to vapour. The Material is maintenance free, hygienic, non toxic and is fire rated to new euroclass standard B s1 d0 in accordance with the EN 13501.1, equivalent in the UK to Class ‘O’. The lightweight sheets are purpose made from roll material to form any shape and size typically up to 50 square metres in one piece. Each panel incorporates an ultrasonically welded 'Harpoon Edge' which clips into the track. Track
Stretch ceilings can be used to improve and beautify any environment, large or small. Whether you wish to bedeck your home, create a top-notch professional look for the office, or create a special atmosphere within your environment, stretch ceiling is the solution. The exciting part of having a piece of this innovative technology at your home or in the workplace is that your friends, guests, or business partners will never forget being there. Our product can be used as an addition to, or substitute for drywall or dropped ceiling tiles. For a new construction project, it eliminates the need for a tedious and labor-intensive drywall installation. It makes the process faster, and easier, cleaner, and the result is one you’ll be sure to love.
PVC stretch ceiling had been introducing this technology, and manufacturing stretch ceilings as well as technologically related products to improve interior design systems and to offer conceptually new finishing products for a variety of applications within existing and new-build projects. Our distinction is the ability to manufacture finished product in-house, thus providing end-to-end living space enhancement for our customers. Our service is fast and exceptional. We provide meticulous attention to detail, high quality materials, fine taste, and a skilled professional installation team. For us, the customer's choices are paramount; we deliver contemporary, traditional, or vintage interior design elements, strictly according to your vision and your specifications.
Prized for its exotic and translucent qualities, Onyx is a beautiful natural stone that brings a sense of elegance and sophistication to any project. When viewed under natural light, onyx has a dimensional and effervescent appearance that has made it a popular choice in the trade and design community.These same qualities are transformed when backlit. Depending on the spectrum of the backlighting source, the colors in onyx may appear warmer and more vibrant.
Onyx All of our backlit lighting projects are tested and designed so that the surface material is illuminated properly without showing any LED nodes, cold or hot spots. We are frequently asked to supply surface panels while others will do the lighting. We caution that this can be a risky endeavor since third parties like electrical engineers or electricians likely are not familiar with our surface materials. If spacing, light intensity, color temperature, etc. are not correct (and tested) the result may look completely different from the desired look.
Onyx Backlit Lighting: We supply backlit lighting for Onyx, Acrylic, Strech ceiling, Korean, etc.. And we work as per site requirements every project is different in a number of parameters like size, color, number of panels, matching requirements, etc. Due to that fact we place orders with our suppliers only after the selection process has been completed and client has committed to the relevant purchase.The material we supply is 100% solution for Onyx stones.It is easy to install.
Linear profile light manufacturers, available in different sizes with three different colours. We have special trained installation team who can handle project as per your own designs. We offer 5years replacement warranty on complete range of our products and free service up to 5years.
We design and manufacture architectural lighting and collaborate with architects , designers , contractors and investors to integrate light into their projects.Working on small and large scale houses , hotels , offices, public buildings, retail and hospitality environments.